The Techniques of Black Money Scammers

Black-coated currency is counterfeit money that has been treated with a chemical substance to make it appear as if it has been burned. It gives the money a charred or blackened appearance, making it difficult to detect. The scammers creating this type of fake currency typically target businesses dealing with large amounts of cash, such as casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants.

  1. How do scammers create black-coated money?

Creating black coated money is fairly simple and only requires a few household ingredients. First, the scammer will print out fake bills using a color printer. Once the bills are printed, they will be cut into smaller pieces and soaked in a solution of acetone and iodine. This solution will cause the paper to discolor and turn black.

black coated money

  1. How do scammers get your black money?

There are a few ways that scammers can get your black money. The most common way is through phishing emails. These emails look like they’re from a legitimate company but are actually from a scammer. They’ll usually include a link to a fake website where you’re asked to enter your personal information.

Another way scammers can get your black money is by posing as a legitimate business. They may contact you and say you owe them money for a product or service you never received. Or, they may send you an invoice for something you didn’t purchase. If you pay the invoice, they’ll have your bank account information and can take your money.

Finally, scammers may call you and say they’re from the IRS or another government agency.

black coated money

  1. Techniques of black money scammers

There are many techniques that black money scammers use to defraud people. Some of the most regular techniques include:

1) These fake websites will often have slightly different URLs than the real sites, and they may even copy the design and layout of the legitimate site. The scammers will then place ads on these fake websites that promise huge returns for investing in their black money scheme.

2) Sending out mass emails or SMS messages that claim to be from a legitimate bank or financial institution. The message will often say that a large sum of money is waiting to be transferred to the recipient, but a small “processing fee” must be paid first. Once the fee is paid, the scammer disappears with the victim’s money.


In conclusion, black-coated money scammers use increasingly sophisticated techniques to defraud people of their hard-earned cash.

By familiarizing yourself with the most common techniques used by black money scammers, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming victims. If you think you may have been scammed, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

What is Uniswap, and how is Sushiswap unique from it?

Crypto News Smart contracts are employed by the decentralised cryptocurrency platform SushiSwap to execute transactions. Through liquidity pools, certain users contribute tokens, which allows trading to occur. To complete the exchange, other users lock their money in these pools as pairs of tokens. These users consequently get a specific income in the form of a cut of the money made as a result of the transaction.

SushiSwap DEX offers SUSHI currency staking and incentive services in addition to token swaps. Through MISO’s service, SushiSwap also offers the chance to take part in lending activities and make investments in envisioned start-ups.

Additionally, SushiSwap features a sushi token. Additionally, it is an ERC-20 token that is distributed by Liquidity Mining to the platform’s liquidity providers. There is a total of $250 million SUSHI tokens available. The supply of sushi is determined by the block mining rate.

Sushi Swap has evolved into a decentralised community with a token holder management structure, which is primarily how it differs from Uniswap. SushiSwap has their sights set on community- and investor-focused features.

Which DEX—Sushiswap or Uniswap—is superior?

Crypto News

In conclusion, it must be acknowledged that Uniswap was once considered the DeFi market’s platform of the future. The unique liquidity supply structure and investors’ involvement in the platform’s operations were highly praised by the cryptocurrency community.

The “child” of Uniswap eventually outperformed its “parent,” though. In 2022, SushiSwap will offer much more features. The mechanics used in the project were taken from UniSwap and underwent extensive improvement and updating.

New capabilities, features, and technologies are gaining wider acceptance among users. The SushiSwap team is aware of this and works to incorporate fresh ideas outside of DEX with the best elements of an existing protocol. Additionally, Uniswap continues to be stagnant without any significant updates, but simply to introduce them later. SushiSwap therefore has the upper hand in this battle between Uniswap and sushi.

For the time being, Uniswap DEX is not mining liquidity. Instead, there is a system of token rewards. A DEX representative, however, stated that pool liquidity mining would soon be resumed. SushiSwap keeps creating liquidity online at the same time by earning tokens that are added to pools to do so. “Concentrated liquidity,” a feature offered by liquidity providers by focusing their tokens in specific price ranges, is present on Uniswap.

To know more check out their website crypto-currency.