Learning About The Genting Dream Cruise

Genting Dream Cruise is the pinnacle of luxury and excitement, offering an unforgettable holiday experience on the open sea.

Taking a dream trip

As soon as you step aboard the Genting Dream Cruise Malaysia, you will immediately be greeted by a world of luxury and elegance. The ship boasts a majestic and modern design that reflects sophistication and modernity. The cozy atmosphere sets the stage for an incredible trip that combines relaxation, adventure, and fun.

Luxury accommodation

Genting Dream Cruise offers various accommodation selections to suit all tastes and budgets. From luxurious suites with private balconies and butler service to comfortable staterooms with ocean views, every guest is guaranteed a comfortable and luxurious stay. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a relaxing rest after a day of fun and exploration.

Luxury accommodation

Culinary delights

One of the features of the Genting Dream Cruise is the variety of restaurants. Whether you crave delicacies, the cuisine, or classic comfort food, a cruise will satisfy every palate.

Entertainment show

Entertainment is at the core of the Genting Dream Cruise. Guests are spoiled for selection with a variety of activities to choose from. Get the performances and exciting shows that will leave you mesmerized. The lounges feature live music, comedy acts, and exciting performances that will keep the fun going late into the night.

Entertainment activities

For those seeking adventure and activity, the Genting Dream Cruise will not disappoint. Guests can enjoy a rejuvenating spa session or relax in the pool and jacuzzi.

Genting Dream Cruise Malaysia

the joys of children

Families traveling with children will find Genting Dream Cruise a paradise for the little ones. From arts and crafts to interactive games, kids enjoy making new friends. Plus, theme parties and character encounters are fun for the little ones.

Shopping and leisure

Shopaholics will enjoy shopping on board, with a wide selection of boutiques and duty-free shops available. From high-end fashion to jewelry and souvenirs, you can enjoy retail while at sea.

Unforgettable memories

The Genting Dream Cruise promises an unforgettable journey in which every moment is carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment for guests. From luxurious accommodations to world-class entertainment and exciting activities, a cruise leaves a lasting impression and creates cherished memories for all who come aboard.


Genting Dream Cruise offers a luxurious and exciting journey on the high seas, promising the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, and entertainment. It is a dream for travelers looking for a luxurious and unforgettable cruise experience.

Book Pontoon Rentals Online

Trying your hands at water sports is one of the most memorable experiences that you can take away from a trip to the beach. Many people who come to the beach want to try their hands at something they haven’t done before and water sports is known to be one of such popular choices among people of all age groups. People are intrigued by Jet skiing and motorboating along with other water sports such as kayaking underwater diving, parasailing, and more. Visit sunshinedestin.com pontoon rentals to know more. Water sports are always an interesting element attached to two water sports.

Boating is popular among all

Booting is one of the most popular forms of water sports as it is one of the safest water sports which are available out of all. It generally only requires a customer to wear their safety jacket, fast and the seat belts and sit in the boat whereas the boat is either managed by the driver or is electric driven. It is always a pleasure to sit in an electric boat and go a little on the inner side of the sea to explore away from the beach. It is a suitable activity for children and adults as it has fewer chances of any mishappening during the activity.

doing pontoon rentals from Sunshine Destin

Boating vs motorboating

You might go to any beach in the world and you will always find a variety of boating options available there because water sports organizers are well aware of the love boating receives from people and they want to ensure that they provide the best services when it comes to having a quality time in the boat with family and friends. You can choose to go for a manual boat or event there are options for motorboating. Motorboating is a little faster than the boats which are driven manually by rowing. However, they are just as safe as the manual boats.

Book pontoon rentals

If you are going on a beach holiday and want to try something thrilling but not too dangerous then boating remains to be one of the best options for you. You can visit sunshinedestin.com pontoon rentals and find the best quality Pantaloons available on the website that can be booked by the people to have a good boating experience when they reach their desired destination. One of the major benefits of booking a rented pad done online is that you don’t have to waste time standing and waiting. You can verify your booking and start with your motorboat activities as soon as you reach the beach.

Visiting the Sahara Desert? Here’s What You Need To Know!

The Sahara is one of the largest hot deserts in the world. The Sahara Desert is also one of the most visited places in Morocco. So if you have this on your list of places to visit soon, then there are things that you need to know before your trip. Aside from the temperature in sahara desert, here’s what you need to know.

Saraha Desert – Where Can You Find It?

Located in the northern part of Africa, the desert covers 11 countries which include Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, as well as Mali, Niger, Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, Sudan, and Tunisia. When it comes to the size of the Sahara Desert, the measurement changes regularly.

Marvelous & Calming Tourist Destination

Why Visit the Sahara Desert?

If you have never been to Morocco, then you should know that the Sahara Desert is one of the places that tourists visit. If you are currently wondering why your friends advise you to move it up to your lists of places to visit in Morocco, then let these reasons help you decide:

  • Unsurpassed Beauty. The Sahara Desert promises you a picture-perfect view with its 360° horizon. There is no dull moment because there will be a possibility that what you see in the pictures online might not be the same, but better. That is because the landscape of the desert changes constantly.
  • Sunrise and Sunset. The sunrise and sunset in the Sahara Desert are incomparable. But it’s not all about the vast desert. There are places where you can find hot springs, abandoned villages, as well as the ancient ruined palace.
  • Magical Sky at Night. As soon as the nighttime falls, you can enjoy sleeping under the stars. The desert sky here at night is something that you should never miss. And every night, you will experience a breathtaking view.

Marvelous & Calming Tourist Destination


The Sahara Temperature

And of course, the most asked question is the temperature of the Sahara Desert. How hot is it in Sahara? Although considered as one of the hottest deserts in the world, you need to know that the temperature here is not constant. They also vary depending on the area that you are visiting. But on average, the temperature here is between 30°C and 50°C. And at night, it is usually between 10°C and 20°C.

Planning your tour ahead of time is crucial. So if your next adventure would be in Morocco, never miss out on the chance to visit the Sahara desert. With the things that you learned from this article, for sure you would be more than ready for this journey.