The number of renting inquiries received by a Manchester real estate agency has reached an all-time high. During July, Aug, as well as sept, Manchester apartments generated over 21,000 unsolicited inquiries at its oxford street office, including around 10,000 in Sept. itself.

The “large amount of inquiries” seems to be a “good figure” for Manchester, according to the agency, indicating increased competition for residential properties in the downtown area. Aside first from unprecedented numbers, the business claims that inquiries are originating from a wider range of places around Britain and even the world.

Supply of housing necessary

We’re chatting with a huge amount of young individuals who want to consider Manchester one‘s home and those that want to stay in Manchester. They believe it’s a good indicator of interest for a central city lifestyle, although we estimate the supply of housing necessary for all these inquiries remained limited.”

Manchester Flats seems to be the vacation rental division of beech properties, a housing developer with approximately 1,000 apartment buildings in Manchester. Some further 1,000 units are under development or even in the research stage again for the town as well as Newcastle, according to the company.

Terms of rental properties

A Manchester apartments, the private rental agency, has reached a new peak in terms of rental properties. Since about Nov 2019, greater than 95 percent of Manchester Apartments’ 800 workshops as well as 1 bedroom apartment buildings had been rented to scholars and practitioners in the city. This compares to 75% in much the same time the previous year.

That this was in line with Manchester’s excellent student turnover record: outside of London, Manchester has the best graduate employee retention throughout the United Kingdom. Furthermore, 57 percent of Manchester individuals who fled the region to pursue their education remained in Manchester following graduation.