Top 10 assisted living properties in New York

The ALR discusses your ISP with you and your loved one once you’ve completed it. They’ll look at the evaluation results and the ISP to see if their facility is a good fit for your loved one. The Compendium of Residential Care and Assisted Living Regulations and Policy of Top 10 assisted living properties in New York state that ALRs in New York are prohibited from admitting residents who:

  1. Requires ongoing assistance with tasks that necessitate the resources and supervision of an acute care facility.
  2. Have a severe mental disorder that could jeopardize their safety if they are not carefully supervised.
  3. Require assistance with physical or mental limitations that the facility is unable to address.
  4. Consistently participate in an activity that puts the well-being of other residents in jeopardy.
  5. Have a medical condition that necessitates constant observation by a skilled medical practitioner.
  6. Refuse to take medications, whether self-administered or administered by a member of staff.

Top 10 assisted living properties in New York

Details of the Model Residency Agreement in New York

Before moving in, an applicant must provide all of the papers an ALR requires and sign a resident agreement with the facility. Although each ALR may have its standards for what the agreement comprises, the resident agreement is a state-wide obligation. This agreement usually spells out the behaviors that the facility expects from the resident and what the resident can anticipate from the facility. The provisions of the agreement, according to New York’s Model Residency Agreement, should outline:

  1. The type of housing one can expect as a resident.
  2. The primary services included in each resident’s fees and any additional services that they may choose to add.
  3. The facility’s ability to offer care, as evidenced by its license and certification.
  4. Fees, the cost schedule, and any supplementary fees that may be charged to residents.
  5. The refund procedure at the facility.
  6. Admission requirements to the institution.
  7. Retention requirements at the facility.
  8. Residency rules at the facility.
  9. The responsibility of the resident and their representative to the facility
  10. The reasons why a resident’s contract may be canceled or discharged.


In addition to a Residency Agreement, the facility must provide your loved one with a Disclosure Statement, which includes any information they require before moving in. The Disclosure Statement should list the services that the ALR is licensed to deliver and the health care services that the facility offers, and other information about the facility. Top 10 assisted living properties in New York should also provide contact information for the state and county Ombudsman offices and information on how to file a complaint.