Wax Melts and Regular Candles

Scented  wax melts are becoming more popular these days. There are many candle users who are now switching to wax melts, especially those who want to switch to a child-friendly option that is safe for the environment too. If you want to know why you should start using scented wax melts from now on, then this article is for you.

Choose Wax Melts Over Candles

No Flame Is Required

Unlike the traditional scented candles where you need to use a flame to light up the wick, no fire is needed for wax melts. Instead, you will only use a wax melt warmer that is directly plugged into an electric outlet. The built-in heater of the device can melt the scented wax melts or cubes. In just 5-10 minutes, your room will start smelling good.

Cheaper than Candles

Wax melts are basically cheaper compared to regular scented candles. Some might disagree, but think about the burn time. Wax melts last longer than candles. Wax melts can last you the entire day. It means that wax melts can save more money.

Enjoy More Burn Times

When using scented wax melts, expect more burn time compared to regular candles. But of course, this will also depend on the type of wax used, the amount of fragrance oil is in the wax cubes or tarts, and  also the size of the candle wax. And because of the burn time, a lot of people these days prefer to use wax melts over candles.

Safe and Convenient

Also, wax melts are safer and more convenient to use. Since there is no flame required to keep your home smelling fresh and fresh with wax melts, it is safer even if you have young kids at home. Also, you can use wax melts in offices, apartments, or other places where lighting a candle is not allowed.

Cheaper than Candles

Gives You More Control of Usage

When you light up a candle, sometimes you get overwhelmed by how strong the scent is. But with wax melts, you can easily control the fragrance depending on your scent sensitivity. Also, wax melts are designed to be used at certain amounts ensuring that they will not overflow the wax warmer. 

Buying Wax Melts Online

Looking for quality wax melts to use at home? You can always visit the Gracie Moon Scents website. Here, you can find handmade vegan wax products that you can use. Whether you prefer candles or wax melts, they definitely have these options for you. What’s good about the wax melts from Gracie Moon Scents is they are nature-friendly too.